Our Mission

Our World Global Foundation is dedicated to educating and inspiring the world to lead a healthy lifestyle through sustainability, instilling new values, while at the same time providing intensive and loving care to orphans and animals alike.

Our Vision

Our vision in USA is to create, through a multi-facility ranch, an environment that advocates entrepreneurial education, and promotes all aspects of a healthy life, while providing support for the neediest in our society through time-proven efficiencies and strategies. Once OWGF has established a working formula, the goal is to build similar ranches worldwide and called throughout the U.S.A and beyond to reach out to as many people as possible.

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The Background...

After going to the Philippines for one month on business, I found myself becoming a missionary for most of my time there and focusing on how to bring and develop a business in the huge valley of Cagayan, one of the largest provinces in the Philippines.  I was lucky enough to get to know the right people who are in a very strong position to assist and support me by bringing the tools and business to the region.  I can see so much that can be accomplished in the area.   By getting to know the government officials from Vice Chief of Staff to regional department heads to the Barangay Captains in each Barrio (10 Barrio’s make up one village).  Barangay Captains look after the people in each of the Barrio’s and in turn assist the government officials. I have found the light at the end of the tunnel that is shining like a beacon waiting for the right person to take action – that person is me!

So you need to know me a little better, I am adopted and born in Israel and brought up in Lexington Mass, Boston, USA.  My mother was born into a rich family in Iraq and yet a few years after the Zion act came into play, the family moved to Israel and as a result became impoverished and ended up living in a tent, then into a shack, until ultimately all 11 children and her parents lived in a 2 bedroom apartment with no living room only a large table with benches to everyone to sit and eat.  I remember the stories my grandmother told us about how she had to steal the leftovers from the hotel restaurant, without getting caught, so she could feed her children.  I, on the other hand, was brought up in a lower middle class home struggling to survive. I would help my mother at her store on the weekend, after school and at flea markets in the early hours of the morning on Sundays to make sure that we were sustainable and have what we needed.  My single parent mother struggled all her life and we kids got to feel it too. 

I thought I understood until the day I was out on my own and ran out of money and food and had no where to go. Luckily I had friends helping me by bringing me food and I worked 2 jobs to make it and finally without a day off in 4 years I got out of the situation and made myself all over again.  I am the lucky one and my mission is to help impoverished people, no matter what circumstance they are in, become sustainable without needing the help of their government.  In the Philippines the most impoverished people are controlled by government assistance, which at this time, is very thankful.  Now is the time in our world that we must start giving people the tools to make them sustainable on their own.   This can be done, and I am seeking your help.

Here are the people that are supporting me Vice Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Reynaldo Mapagu, Director of Bureau of Fishery and Aquatics and the Chief Chairman of the board of Nutritional bureau  Jovita Ayson, Regional Director of Nutrition Julie Maestre, Regional Director of Tourism Blessida Diwa, Hon. Board Member Olive Pascual, both Business lady and wife of Board Member to Cagayan Joe, Myrna Llopis,   Department of Trade and Industry Randy Cacacho, Provincial Agriculturist for Cagayan Province Dr. Mildred Abella, Hon. Mayor Delfin Ting Sr. Mayor of Tuguegarao City, and Hon. Congressman Randy Ting, Hon. Mayor of La-Lo Florante Pascual, Lt. Commander Christopher Auro  Capitan of the Coast Guard to name a few.  Ladies and Gentlemen my hat off to you for the work you do and the love I see you have for your people in the Philippines.


The Projects...

You will see that the first two projects are food based.  We will support the beginning of all projects with a supplement of food and then our mission is to teach them to become sustainable and we can move forward to others needing our help. 


Project 1  
Humanitarian Mission in Cagayan Valley

This will consist of the Seed Nursery program, these are seeds that are organic and can be reproduced and planted again.  we will be producing more crops and teaching the people how to crop and reseed during humanitarian missions that our Non-profit will do in conjunction with the government.  There will be lectures during the mission and the teachings will be required to be a part of the program.  In conjunction with the Department of Population and Nutrition we will be implementing a break of baby factories, what this means is that in order to be taught the above lectures and work in the crops, the people must be educated on birth control and family planning. At the moment, most families have multiple children and they are unable to provide enough food to feed even one of them.  I want to ensure that the help we give with these projects becomes part of the solution not part of the problem.

We are designing to make a cooperative where each section of the barrio plants a specific vegetable, greens, starch or fruit, then they can either share within themselves and/or sell their groceries next to their homes which they do as a norm, we can help them build a stand if necessary.

Once seeds are planted and food is grown, we will then teach them how to harvest seeds and build their own nursery for replanting so they have a full year planting season using green concepts.  Also, Jovita Ayson has a new organic fertilizer that we will use for the project.   The Barangay Captain will also be trained to see how the planting and reseeding is being done and how the sustainability project is sustaining itself. We will get a quarterly update on how it is going and bottlenecks of the projects so we can tweak and move forward. 

If you would like to support this project and others, please donate now.

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Project 2
Cagayan Valley 10 Barrios Mission

We have already fed 4000 children so far in 2012, and need your help to feed more.

Every trip we will be giving out iron fortified rice to the children of the poorest families

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