Our Mission

Our World Global Foundation is dedicated to educating and inspiring the world to lead a healthy lifestyle through sustainability, instilling new values, while at the same time providing intensive and loving care to orphans and animals alike.

Our Vision

Our vision in USA is to create, through a multi-facility ranch, an environment that advocates entrepreneurial education, and promotes all aspects of a healthy life, while providing support for the neediest in our society through time-proven efficiencies and strategies. Once OWGF has established a working formula, the goal is to build similar ranches worldwide and called throughout the U.S.A and beyond to reach out to as many people as possible.

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OWGF recently returned home from the Philippines, having accomplished feeding missions for a total of 4000 children while at the same time assessing where we can help and make the biggest impact in the lives of the children.  We consulted and assisted on sustainability projects with the government regional directors of Cagayan Valley.

We now need your help with donations to raise funds to start an orphanage/transitional homes to help the beautiful children who have been abandoned, are challenged, too old, neglected and abused.

With your donations we will be setting up and establishing:

  • 5 safe homes
  • Orphanage with a school for entrepreneurship
  • Transitional home in the USA
  • Helping the human trafficking victims to be adopted in the USA
  • A transitional home in LA for victims of human trafficking both internationally and from the USA

16 children, victims of sex trafficking were recently rescued in the Philippines.  The urgency now is that once the court trial is finished the children will be released from protective custody and returned home where they will inevitably be killed as the location of their homes is known to their captors.  It is vital to set up and help these young victims NOW. 

Your donations will help children not only stay alive, also grant them love, safety, education…LIFE.

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