Our Mission

Our World Global Foundation is dedicated to educating and inspiring the world to lead a healthy lifestyle through sustainability, instilling new values, while at the same time providing intensive and loving care to orphans and animals alike.

Our Vision

Our vision in USA is to create, through a multi-facility ranch, an environment that advocates entrepreneurial education, and promotes all aspects of a healthy life, while providing support for the neediest in our society through time-proven efficiencies and strategies. Once OWGF has established a working formula, the goal is to build similar ranches worldwide and called throughout the U.S.A and beyond to reach out to as many people as possible.

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Our World Ranch

Underprivileged Single Families

Together, we can make a society that helps each other. With this goal in mind, OWR will offer to single-parent or low-income families the education and training needed so they can provide for themselves, thus in turn creating a self-supporting society.

These services will include job training, job fairs, at-home jobs, life counseling, skills assessment, child care, home economics, and assistance in navigating welfare programs.

Terminally Ill Children

These special children need abundant support and love while we train their parents in real-life living tools to keep the family together, happy and with as positive an outlook as possible under such trying circumstances. To support the unique needs of these young children and adolescents, OWR will provide medical assistance, nutrition, exercise, life counseling, holistic medicine, psychotherapy, and hospice aid to improve the quality and duration of life and preparation for its ultimate end, if needed.

Equally as important is providing assistance to mothers, fathers, caregivers, and siblings. In fact, sometimes helping the family stay optimistic is the best way to help the child. OWR will offer many of the same support programs listed above, as well as legal counseling and other resources tailored specifically to parents and family members.


Orphan and Foster Care

Sadly, in many case, orphans and foster children grow up in a world absent the love that is so direly needed to develop into a fully sufficient adult. Shuttled from home to home, or institution to institution, these children grow up in emotionally barren environments, bereft of care and compassion.

Our Support will focus on the needs of orphans, foster parents, and prospective adoptive parent. OWR will extend a wide range of services including child and parent psychological evaluation, family integration, stress management, life counseling, legal counseling, nutrition, and food preparation, placement fairs, child rearing classes, aid for special needs children, and child self-image counseling. We will also work to increase adoption rates and to teach orphans and foster children how to love universally.


Helping Heroes

Our World Ranch is proudly committed to assisting America’s returning soldiers and sailors as they transition back into civilian life. We provide job placement seminars as well as instruction aimed at converting military training into highly-sought job skills. We also work hand-in-hand with service member’s families as they grapple with new changes. Our goal is to make these American’s hero return to society as smooth and efficiently as possible.


Animal Rescue

As part of our work, children will also have to opportunity to take part in rescuing and training needy dogs from the SPCA. Our goal is to train our rescues to be therapy dogs who can provide companionship and comfort to the vets we work with.

The ranch is also home to a family of healing horses, who form a part of the nurturing, loving enviroment we strive to create at OWR.